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Company History

The culmination of teamwork, collaboration, and determination paved the way to the birth of Tadashitec Global Corporation which started as a General Partnership company on December 3, 2013. The company is now one of the industry players in terms of providing smart and simple solutions in order to maximize storage capacity of a warehouse space by being actively involve from layout design, installation, to after-sales support. More than ever, the need for storage space has been one of the main factors nowadays due to increasing demand of fast–moving products from various sectors and the cost of warehouse space, manpower, and other resources have been really stiff. This is where Tadashitec Global Corporation comes in. We treat our client as long-term partner and work together to achieve their objective.

Tadashitec Global Corporation is composed of versatile individuals who have significant experience in the field of racking system and office furniture. We also gear our team to become experts in the field by investing in their trainings and education.

These are two of the major products where the company focuses. We cater standard types or models as well as items that will tailor–fit to our client’s need. We stay true to our core values in order to achieved our vision that is: “To be the household brand of choice when it comes to storage and warehouse solutions.”

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Tadashitec will be a partner in providing innovative Warehouse and Storage Solutions to our Customers thru collaborative efforts.


“TADASHITEC will be the household brand of choice when it comes to storage and warehousing solutions..”

Core Values


Honor our commitments to those we serve.

We don't take our commitments lightly. We will do everything within our power to meet expectations. We own up to and learn from our mistakes. We do the right thing always.


Embrace opportunities to learn and improve

We invest in ourselves and in one another not just to grow as an organization but also as individuals. Through personal development and continuous improvement we enrich our lives and are better prepared to tackle opportunities as they arise.


Be curious, adventurous and creative.

We question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. If there is a better way, we'll find it. We're excited by ingenuity and thrilled to try something new.


Observe, listen, understand, and assist.

We're all human. Everyone we work with experiences the same hopes and fears. Our compassion is what allows us to understand where we're needed and what we can do to help.


Never be satisfied with good enough.

Excellence is a habit not a goal. We welcome a challenge with enthusiasm and go above and beyond the call of duty because it's who we are.

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