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Medium Duty Racking Systems

Medium Duty Racks are absolute storage system perfect for warehouse and industrial applications. These characteristically include automotive and other spare hardware, parts, bulk retail, and common purposes carton and archive storage.

The Medium Duty Storage racks can be configured to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. These racks are suitable for storage of small boxes or cartons. Furthermore, these racks are available with adjustable shelving system along with the load bearing capacity of up to 300kg to 500kg per level.

Tadashitec Longspan 500 (LS500) System with Ergonomic Profiles are designed for medium-duty warehouse applications yet in a not bulky appearance. With profile design and capabilities that proves to be stronger than Boltless System and almost as similar as Pallet Racking System, this system can either be used as Storage Rack or Mezzanine System.

From Design, Production, Delivery and Installation. We've got your Medium Duty Racking Systems covered.

Suitable Industries / Businesses Characteristics

  • Hand Loaded Storage – Products stored are placed onto the beam or shelves and picked from them manually & Products stored are placed onto the beam or shelves and picked from them manually.
  • Medium Duty Storage – For storing of products with weight not more than 1000kgs.
  • Storage and Display Equipment – Can be designed and used as storage/display equipment for retail industries.

Why Use Tadashitec’s Racking Systems?

  • High-Density Storage
  • Multi-Product Location
  • High Visibility of Goods Stored
  • Maximized Warehouse Space
  • Increased Storage Capacity

Our racking systems conform to the design standard of European Federation of Material Handling (FEM 10.2.02 FEM 10.3.01) as well as the Code of Practice for the Design of Static Racking (SEMA) and European Standard Norm (EN1993 1-3, EN1993 - 1-5)

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