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Tadashitec Office Furniture

Our wide array of office furniture ranges from tables, chairs, partitions, window blinds, tints and more to name a few. We can assist you with all furniture requirements for your office at a reasonable price.

While we have furniture that are ready for purchase anytime, we can also accept bulk orders, and assist and customize according to your requirements. From Design and Fabrication, to Delivery, Supply and Installation of your office furniture, Tadashitec Global Corporation is your best choice.

Our Office Furniture

  • Office Chairs

    Most of your day at work, you will most likely be glued to that office desk, and choosing the right office chair is integral to increasing your productivity.

    We have a wide array of office chairs available depending on your need. Whether you need it for your lobby or reception area to receive guests, for your canteen or pantry, for your workstation or your manager’s office.

    For other designs available, please send us a message.

    Gang Chair
    Clerical Chair
    Executive Chair
    Sofa Chair
    Visitor’s Chair
    Student Chair
    Canteen Chair
  • Office Tables

    May it be for your reception area, receiving area, meeting room, or for your conference rooms, we have office tables to cater to your requirements. We also have different computer tables for your employees in a work-from-home setup.

    For other designs available, and customization according to your preference and/or corporate color, please send us a message.

  • Office Workstations

    We also have a variety of designs available for your office workstations and receiving area.

    Aside from the designs below, we also accept customization to tailor fit to your requirements.

    Send us your office workstation requirements.

  • Cabinets

    Storage cabinets are very useful for offices, for users to store and maintain files and documents properly and orderly. Like choosing the right workstation, this can be essential for a smooth and efficient functioning office.

    From filing cabinets, to mobile pedestals, and lockers, we have different kinds of stainless-steel office cabinets to answer your needs.

  • Compactors

    A Compactor is a versatile storage system for offices to store documents, and other important records, and for some warehouses to store their inventory.

    Using Compactors is a better way to save space. This is achieved through compacting records and eliminating excess aisles in your office.

    Send us your message for compactor customization.

  • Window Blinds

    For offices, window blinds are the most popular choice of solar shading.

    It comes in different styles and types like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds.

    The right window blinds can update the look of your office space easily to make it look attractive but at the same time, professional looking.

    Horizontal Blinds
    Vertical Blinds
    Roller Blinds


Do you offer other color ranges in both fabric and leather upholstery?

What is your guarantee or warranty in various furniture?

Is your installation for chair and tables free?

Do you accept customize steel or wood furniture and what is the process?

Do you offer flexible payment terms?

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