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Multi-Tier Racking Systems

Multi-tier Racking System is a mezzanine that is design and built via the pallet racking components. It can be the most efficient and economical method to create extra floor space within the building area compounds. Rather than being forced to expand your warehouse facility outward your space, which involves more cost like hiring new people and costly structural modifications, you can simply work on and build multi-tier racking system in your warehouse. Apart from that, this racking system can help reduce risks and make your warehouse a safer place for your employees.

Multi-tier Racking System is designed for warehouses with limited floor areas but with plenty of available height This is also considered to be a manual storage solution that can maximize warehouse space of a business. It offers an optimum use of elevation, with the creation of different levels of manual loading aisles at different heights accessible by stairs.

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Advantages of Multi-Tier Racking Systems

  • Double or Triple Usable Storage Space
  • Maintain High Worker / Employee Safety Standards
  • A Better Way to Keep your Warehouse More Organized

Why Use Tadashitec’s Racking Systems?

  • High-Density Storage
  • Multi-Product Location
  • High Visibility of Goods Stored
  • Maximized Warehouse Space
  • Increased Storage Capacity

Our racking systems conform to the design standard of European Federation of Material Handling (FEM 10.2.02 FEM 10.3.01) as well as the Code of Practice for the Design of Static Racking (SEMA) and European Standard Norm (EN1993 1-3, EN1993 - 1-5)

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