Light Duty Boltless Shelving

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Light Duty Boltless Shelving Systems

Boltless Shelving System is the ideal solution for light-weight storage with a max load of 400kg per level. Its boltless shelving feature provides versatility, making it easy for anyone to customize and assemble according to requirement and preference.

This shelving system can be used mostly anywhere, allowing you organize all kinds of products easily.

From the name itself, boltless shelving units do not necessarily need bolts or nuts to secure shelves to the shelving frame, which makes it highly customizable and easy to mix and match based on your preference.

Boltless Shelves are considered to be an excellent choice if you need versatile storage for your warehouse or industrial facilities without breaking the bank.

From Design, Production, Delivery and Installation. We've got your Boltless Shelving Systems covered.

Uses for Boltless Shelving Systems

  • For Document Storage
  • For Industrial Usage
  • As an Archive Storage Facility

Why Use Tadashitec’s Racking Systems?

  • High-Density Storage
  • Multi-Product Location
  • High Visibility of Goods Stored
  • Maximized Warehouse Space
  • Increased Storage Capacity

Our racking systems conform to the design standard of European Federation of Material Handling (FEM 10.2.02 FEM 10.3.01) as well as the Code of Practice for the Design of Static Racking (SEMA) and European Standard Norm (EN1993 1-3, EN1993 - 1-5)

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