Structural Steel Platform

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Structural Steel Platform

Structural Steel Platform (SSP) is a mezzanine but is built via long steel items (e.g. I-Beam, RSC Beam, Hallow Section etc.) Similarly, as Multi-tier Racking, there are various type of Floor Decking Type & Accessories that could be added to the design of your structural steel platform based on requirements.

They are secondary beams tied with steel studs for guaranteed life-long use of the mezzanine floor. This additional component prevents the beams from bowing out and reduces squeaky noises when working on the mezzanine.

From Design, Production, Delivery and Installation. We've got your Structural Steel Platforms covered.

Advantages of Structural Steel Platform

  • They have less columns beneath the platform.
  • Customizable to floor loading as high as 1000kgs/m2.

Why Use Tadashitec’s Racking Systems?

  • High-Density Storage
  • Multi-Product Location
  • High Visibility of Goods Stored
  • Maximized Warehouse Space
  • Increased Storage Capacity

Our racking systems conform to the design standard of European Federation of Material Handling (FEM 10.2.02 FEM 10.3.01) as well as the Code of Practice for the Design of Static Racking (SEMA) and European Standard Norm (EN1993 1-3, EN1993 - 1-5)

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