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On Structural Analysis

Imagine our body without “Circulatory System”, it is called as such because it is composed of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lymph and the lymphatic vessels. Without each part, the system will not function efficiently, Racking System works like that as well, hence it’s called “A racking System”, it is also composed of various parts such as the Frame or Post, the Beam, the Horizontal Bracings, the shims or the base plates and the anchor bolts; together they will work together. These parts have been carefully calculated by Structural Engineers to ensure that the system will carry a certain load.

That’s why you cannot buy a post from the other supplier, the beam from the other provider and the others parts from other brands. Well, “realistically” you can but it will not guarantee the structural integrity of the system. That’s Tadashitec Global Corporation’s commitment.

We can provide Structural Analysis and Technical Computations signed and sealed by our Structural Engineers. They have extensive experience in the field of building and steel structures and duly approved by the Philippine Contractors Association Board. Our project is also managed by our Authorized Managing Officer also in the field of Engineering and has also successfully passed the “AMO Seminar” as provided by the PCAB.

On Preventive Maintenance Services

There are two types of maintenance “Reactive Maintenance” and “Preventive Maintenance”; Tadashitec Global Corporation can do both. However, Reactive Maintenance is costly as you only provide actions once there’s an incident that took place. Meanwhile, we highly suggest Preventive Maintenance, this approach will ensure that the potential incidents can be anticipated before it happens. What happens then? Our Safety Specialists and Engineers will provide expert recommendations in order to prevent incident and accident from happening. Through collaborations with client’s Safety Team we ensure safety and protection not only on the properties inside the warehouse but to the most important resources – it’s manpower.

On Racking System Safety Seminar

Racking System Safety Seminar may take almost 4 to 5 hours but the Awareness that will be imparted to the people inside the warehouse cannot be underestimated. Racking System, the Material Handling Equipment, and the properties inside the warehouse are all investment we need to protect. In addition, we want to prolong the quality of these assets most importantly the lives of the people working Inside.

Tadashitec provides comprehensive seminar to educate our people regarding the importance of daily safety inspection of racking system, beam deflection and ensuring that all people are aware.

Our Mantra, Be Safe, Educate.

On Peza Processing

Ensuring government compliances are tedious and daunting task. If you plan to install new racking system and/or you plan to transfer and relocate to other warehouse inside PEZA Zone, most probably you will be required a Building Permit and Occupancy Permit.

That’s Tadashitec’s expertise, we ensure to provide PEZA approved Architectural Plans duly signed by Structural Engineer, Technical Specifications, Bill of Materials, Structural Analysis consistent and aligned to the requirements of PEZA Office of the Building Official. We will also ensure compliance to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for the Construction Process and the Bureau of Fire Protection where Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance and Fire Safety Inspection Certificate are being secured as well. We also ensure our presence during the inspection of PEZA Building Official before and after installation.

Tadashitec will be there every step of the way…

Racking System Dismantling/Reinstallation

Racking System is not a fixed structure and therefore can be transferred from one location to another location. Dismantling of this structure might not be as easy as it seems as this require careful process to ensure that each part can be safeguarded and can still be used during transfer. This is also the same with Reinstallation, we guarantee our workmanship and ensure to assist our client from the project commencement until project turn – over.

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